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Roadshow Diary Day 4…

Currently in:  Bunbury

Late Night Food

Last night’s show went well, and afterwards we went to the local kebab vendor and shouted a few rounds of chips.  Here was my shout:

It’s called the Heart Attack, and it’s chips, cheese and gravy.  And yes, it’s as delectable as it sounds, and is particularly useful to get the taste of cheap beer out of your soul.  I will probably have another one tonight.

Early Morning Food

The motel we’re in is the oldest so far.  Nothing wrong with that, but there are no bowls, so here is how I had breakfast this morning. 

I felt like a giant.  And seeing as it’s been in every blog entry so far, please observe the 3rd type of milk packaging WA has to offer.

Also, a dude came into my room yesterday enquiring as to the whereabouts of his bag.  I told him to check at reception.  I forgot to ask him how he had a key to my room.  I slept in fear.

And I’ve started to call Stuart Stu to his face.  So far so good… 

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