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The Bunker

The Bunker is an interactive show that can be a performance for the general public, school groups, a team-building exercise or a memorable way to break up with your partner!

About The Bunker

I’m Master Bunker-builder Jason Chong. I build bunker good. You need bunker?

IF the world were ending and there was a bunker nearby that only fit half the people in this room, would you make the cut? Do you have skills to offer for when we rebuild society?

These are not questions you’ll need to answer IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BUNKER.

These bunker information sessions contain scenarios and exercises to give you the information you’ll need to decide if you should commission your own bunker, or take your chances getting into someone else’s.

Sessions will take approximately 60 minutes assuming nothing goes wrong outside while we’re chatting…

After the Apocalypse…

During the 2021 Adelaide Fringe, audiences formed Bunker teams (those who made it into the Bunker each show) and Wasteland Survivor groups (those who didn’t). On the last weekend of Fringe these 15 teams ventured out into the Nuclear Wasteland of New Adelaide and competed against each other for resources in an epic scavenger hunt that included trivia, photo and video submissions, geolocation, QR codes and more!

Cheating was encouraged, having certain occupations in each bunker unlocked relevant questions, and as a final curveball on the last afternoon the scavenger hunt was opened up to the general public who became a zombie swarm, consuming all the remaining resources and overrunning some of the teams!

For an extended run of shows, a unique, local scavenger hunt can be created so the show keeps going long after people go home!

Reviews and Recommendations

★★★★ 1/2

It’s all done in the friendliest, funniest way… it’s wacky, imaginative, fanciful and even manages to throw in a few curly plot twists to keep everyone on their toes.
The Bunker is an hour of frivolity and fun, and perhaps one of the most refreshingly different events to attend in this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Rod Lewis, Glam Adelaide, 25 Feb 2021

Fun interactive experience! The Bunker Master Builder creates a safe space for everyone to negotiate the logistics of turning on each other for a space in the post-apocalyptic world. Bring your friends, family and colleagues – you’re guaranteed to learn something about them!

Cara H, Audience Member 2021 Adelaide Fringe

Past Performances

The Bunker was performed at the 2021 Adelaide Fringe at Ayers House, before a suburban tour of creepy locations including air raid shelters in Glenelg and Prospect, the state’s first morgue in Port Adelaide, and the basement of the Bridgewater Mill.

It was also invited to the 2022 Art Is… Festival in Horsham where 2 performances were held for Year 8 and Year 9 classes, before a public performance in a wooden stable!

Technical Specifications

  • Performers: 2
  • Minimum Audience: 5
  • Maximum Audience: 25
  • Minimum audience age: 13 years
  • Min Performance area: 4m x 3m
  • Venue: Very flexible, open to quirky or creepy spaces that have a post apocalyptic vibe.
  • Tech Run: min 30 mins
  • Bump In: 10 mins
  • Bump Out: 10 mins
  • Set: 2 ironing boards are on stage that old magnets and posters. A desk is needed for the second performer and the laptop, stream deck and speaker. Needs to be seen by Jason and audience, preferably near the door.
  • Additional Areas: A small space for a costume change. The successful Bunker team (half the audience) will need to be led out of the room to a gathering point where they can hear the final audio cues and the responses from the audience left behind. This can be just outside the entrance if appropriate.
  • Audio: Small PA / speaker for laptop audio cues. Additional speaker at the Bunker team gathering point.
  • Lighting: Intimate, needs to be turned off at one stage during show. Optional flashing red light.
  • Power: Power for laptop, speakers. Can use battery power for all if needed.
  • Chairs: One per audience member, one for second performer.
  • Responsibility of equipment: We can provide everything apart from chairs if needed.
  • Working With Children check: Cleared through Department of Human Services (SA). Can provide if needed.

Promotional Material

  • Show descriptions
  • Media Release
  • Artwork
  • Illustrated Hero Image
  • Poster design
  • Reviews and Recommendations
  • Scavenger Hunt media
  • Social media photos and videos
  • Video and screenshots from previous shows

Additional Information

  • Audience members are encouraged to actively participate in the show, as led by the host.
  • As the show leans heavily on audience discussion, it is recommended that participants are comfortable speaking in a group setting, and have a conversational level of English.
  • The Bunker is an interactive experience, where participants’ input shapes how the narrative plays out.
  • As such, each show is a unique experience and triggering situations may be presented for exploration. If at any stage you feel uncomfortable beyond what could normally be expected for a piece of interactive theatre, please let the host know.

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