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Read The Room

Read The Room is an interactive quiz panel show perfect for festivals, pubs, corporate events, club nights – it’s even perfect for online events!

About Read The Room

Read The Room is an interactive comedy panel show where the audience answer revealing questions live through their phones while the contestants need to figure out which way The Room will swing. It’s cheeky, fun, clever and hilarious.

Questions like:
• Is there a dead pet in your backyard?
• Are you allowed to flirt with married people?
• Have more than 2% (national average) of this audience been to jail?

Contestants are 1v1 or 2v2 and can be other performers in a festival, local identities or prominent people in your company or team. They answer questions based on the audience voting. The same questions can have a different answer depending on that night’s audience!

The audience makes up “The Room”, and each person can directly influence the show without having the spotlight shone directly on them.

There are hundreds of questions ready to go, so the audience can come to multiple shows! Questions and themes can also be customised for your event.

Reviews and Recommendations


Kept the audience engaged and very entertained from beginning to end

100% audience engagement and participation

I enjoyed the curly questions

I love this. I love the whole concept

The show was completely hilarious

Audience Feedback

I have had some fantastic feedback, even saying that this was the best event we have done!   Hopefully we can do something similar again.

Alison, City of Prospect

Past Performances

  • 2019 The Black Box Experiment TV pilot incubator season
  • 2019 MercuryCX Out Of The Box (Finalist)
  • 2020 Adelaide Fringe season
  • 2021 City of Prospect Volunteer Week Event
  • 2022 Art Is… Festival, Horsham
  • 2022 Mackay Festival of Arts season

Technical Specifications

  • Tech run: 60 mins
  • Bump in: 15 mins
  • Bump out: 10 mins
Set and staging
  • Venue Type: Theatre, pub, function centre
  • Stage size: 6m x 3m not including projector screen
  • People on stage: 3 or 5
  • High table or lectern for Jason
  • 2 or 4 stools for contestants
  • Host and contestants need to be able to see the screen without turning their back on the audience
  • Tables and chairs are also an option, depending on venue
  • PA system
  • 1x Wireless headset mic (provided)
  • 2-4 handheld mics (wired or wireless, no stands needed)
  • Audio from laptop to PA (either HDMI or 3.5mm)
  • Projector to take input from laptop HDMI (on stage)
  • Projector screen
  • Ethernet for laptop (preferred) / Solid WiFi / Good 4G connectivity from on stage
  • WiFi available for contestants (optional, unless no 4G coverage)
  • Contestants and host should be lit well, but avoid spill on the projector screen
  • Min audience: 15
  • Max audience: unlimited
  • Age requirement: 15+
  • Will need a smart phone with battery and a little bit of data
  • Seated with an unobstructed view of the contestants and projector screen

Promotional Material

  • Show descriptions
  • Media Release
  • Artwork
  • Poster design
  • Sizzle reel from TV pilot
  • Reviews and Recommendations
  • Social media photo and video templates
  • Video and screenshots from previous shows

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