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Roadshow Diary Day 6…

Currently in: Geraldton

So the Bunbury gigs were nice and fun, and the most surprising thing to happen in my humble opinion was back at the hotel room.  And it involved underwear.

What Would Jesus Wear?

 So in every hotel room, there’s a Gideon’s Bible.  Gordon Southern has a great bit where he encourages people to sign the Bible “Al the best, God X” and it’s something I like to do where I can, cos one day he’ll check into a hotel and find one and it’ll blow his mind.  But in Bunbury, instead of a Bible, I saw a folded up bit of silk.  Curious as to whether or not this was the silken shroud of Turin, I took it out and unfolded it.  And discovered this: 

Now I have no idea what they were doing there.  They were clean (but is anything found in a motel ever really clean?).  But I’m intrigued as to why they were there.  Who left them there?  Did they leave them there for me?  If not, why did they fit so well?

And as if that wasn’t disturbing enough, underneath I found the Bible.  Which I’ve sacrilegiously placed on top of the mysterious tighty whiteys for a size comparison:

See you in Hell.

The Ben Cousins Roadhouse

On the trip from Bunbury to Perth, I saw this: 

At long last, purified ice.  Not like that watered down stuff. 

Sex Sells

There is a coffee chain in WA called Dome, which I always read as “Do Me”.  Intentional marketing strategy or some sort of inkblot test that I keep failing.  You be the judge:


We’re now in Geraldton and have a show tomorrow night.  I should have done a podcast by now, but haven’t.  Tomorrow?  If today was anything to go by, I’ll watch Big Stan and The Tale of Desperaux on the in-house movie channel and wonder where the day went.

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