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Roadshow Diary Day 2…

Currently in: Margaret River

Margaret River is a lovely place, it has a ski town atmosphere.  The gig was okay, but possibly the highlight was backstage.

Backstage Rider

Here was our rider – a few half eaten packets of biscuits.


The shortbread ones were pretty good, but now I can see through time.

And not that I’m obsessed with milk everywhere I go, but check this out:

It comes in an udder!  And the handle is just an inflated air pocket.  Genius!  Bravo regional WA, you are da bomb.


When we said we wanted some of the dirtier fans to be allowed backstage, this isn’t what we meant: 

And when we asked for something to help us hear the show better from the green room, I think they may have misunderstood: 

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like – an earbud stick to the wall.  I’m not sure what was used as the adhesive, but it didn’t taste like blutak…


I do like it when green rooms have something on the wall you can read to get you all pumped up to give a great performance.  But I don’t like it when it’s written in plop:


Here’s how Tommy chose to deal with it all:


So apparently Evermore were also playing Margaret River on the same night, so after our gig we went to theirs.  We missed the Sundance Kids and Eskimo Joe which was a shame.  They played about 8 meters from where we’d had a meal a few hours earlier.  It was weird to see a band with such great success  playing in the corner of a pub to a couple of hundred people.  It would have also been annoying for Maragret Riverians to have 2 big shows on the same night.  But more annoying for Evermore, cos we pretty much sold out.  Here is Evermore:

I know what you’re thinking: “That photo’s blurry and crap, you can’t even tell who it is.”  Point taken, here’s a closeup: 

So now let there be no doubt.

P.S. The camera on my phone is pretty average.

P.P.S.  No, I didn’t actually lick an earbud I found stuck to a wall.

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