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Roadshow Diary Day 24…

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So I’m home again, and it’s all over. I have to get used to life on the outside again. No everlasting towel supply. No transport organised for me wherever I go. And definately no 1000 seat sold out theatres to perform to night after night.

I had a think about it, and I think I would have performed to more people in the last month than in my career to date. Certainly just fringes and festivals or club gigs. I gotta work harder…

Here are some things I didn’t blog about at the time for whatever reason:

In Margaret River, a guy from the audience expressed interest in me becoming the agent in Adelaide for his chocolate selling pyramid scheme. How did he know I have nothing to go back to?

In Perth, we went to Lesbian mud wrestling. It’s everything I imagined, except less classy. I like the bits where there were boobs.

I got randomly selected for explosives testing on pretty much every flight we went on. I must have one of those faces. And by “one of those” I mean “not white”.

I went and got a Chinese massage at one of those Chinese massage places. I think it’s going to be my new thing.

And yesterday, we read in the Kalgoorlie Miner that 400 school students tried to break the WA record for line dancing. They weren’t sure what the previous record was, but their teacher Dianne Begelhole said something along the lines of “well we did it, so that’s good enough for a record”. So from now on, whenever you do something you simply assume to be a record of some sort, please refer to it as a “Begelholed”.

And with that, I need to thank the MICF, Gideon, Stu and Adrian for organising and planning and promoting and making sure all I had to do was work for 20 mins a night.

To all the venues and the people of WA for coming out and supporting. The shows were great and the fantastic audiences are why.

And DeAnne Smith, Tommy Dean, Glen Wool and Colin Lane. A bunch of comedians I admire, respect, learnt from and have become quite fond of. And Glen.

You just got Poh’d, Wool!

As I left Perth airport, I thought this would be appropriate:


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