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Roadshow Diary Day 23…

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We woke up in Kalgoorlie, where we saw the superpit yesterday:

Impressive, no?  What about this little guy:


The mascot for a company pillaging the Earth for gold is a small fluffy teddy bear.  Nice work, PR department.

Today we left “The ‘Goolie” at sparrow’s, flew into Perth and found out that the plane for our connecting flight from Adelaide had been used for a flight to Jakarta instead, and our travel cancelled.  So I’m not in a cafe, killing time until the next available flight home.  And when I get there, my wonderful girlfriend has promised to take me straight from the airport to the cinema to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  So can you see why I hate Qantas at the moment?  At this stage, I’d hop in Starscream if he offered… 

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