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Roadshow Diary Day 22…

Currently in: Kalgoorlie

Driving from Esperance to Kalgoorlie was a great experience, lots of Australiana to enjoy.

Fancy living here:

Imagine being the Mayor of Salmon Gums.  It sounds like you have terrible breath.

Widgiemooltha was another gem.  Home of the Golden Eagle Nugget.  It’s great you do poos, Widgie, but for God’s sake, don’t name ’em.


In fact there was a bit of a toilet theme here.  From the public art: 


To pleads for people to not urinate on the roadhouse: 


To pleads to not let dogs do impressively rendered turds:  (I think this is what’s known as a hangman’s noose) 


To this sign, which I’m still not sure about:

That sign made this whole trip worthwhile. 

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