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Arkaba Review

I chopped out the other acts’ reviews for volume’s sake, but if you’re interested, you can click on the link below. 

Review: Jeff Green, Justin Hamilton, Jason Chong, & Big Al 

This week is the ninth birthday for Adelaide Comedy. To celebrate the Arkaba HaHa had a huge night last night which included performances by Justin Hamilton, Big Al, Jason Chong, and headliner Jeff Green. We were treated to a glorious set of performances which were well received by a relatively young audience.

Jason Chong 

I find I’m becoming increasingly interested in the concept of family comedy. Many blockbuster films fall into this category: Mrs Doubtfire, Shrek, Austin Powers. These films are meant to appeal to both adults and children, and get their huge ticket sales from people showing up for a family night out. We have a few comedians who have a similar appeal in this country, eg Lano and Woodley, Adam Hills, and Ross Noble.

Jason Chong could easily slot into this category and benefit from the greater numbers families can afford. His humour has a boyish charm that adults find engaging, and children cack themselves. He brought back a song he performed for Adelaide Fringe two years ago involving costumed dogs to great effect. My favourite moment was when he started telling jokes using…a pimped Optimus Prime Transformer mask! Be still my geeky heart. Jason is someone who would carry over onto TV well.

– Katherine Phelps, July 8 2009

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