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Roadshow Diary Day 15…

Currently in: Perth

Greetings Perthlings 

Perth has been fun so far, it’s nice to be in one place for more than a day or two.  The theatre is beautiful and the backstage is delightful.  See Exhibit A:

Now in the background, you can see newspaper cuttings from all the publicity we’ve been doing.  Now, when I say “we”, I mean “Colin, DeAnne, Glen and Tommy”.  As the member of the tour with the lowest profile (and a last-minute addition), I’m not as in demand for some reason.  Who wouldn’t want to talk to the unknown form Adelaide when the other options are the Canadian-American, American-Canadian, American-Australian and one half of Australia’s best-loved comedy duo?  Although to be fair, I did have to to into the ABC here to record something.  I was totally excited.  Turns out I had to record a promo teasing the fact that Colin, DeAnne and Tommy were going to be interviewed later that week.  This is why I can’t have nice things…

Anyway, back to the wall.  I walked backstage as the articles were being pinned up.  Here is the conversation I had:

Jason:  Ooh, what’s that?

Female Earth Woman:  This is all the publicity you guys have done.

Jason:  Wow, that’s a lot.  Who organised all that?

Female Earth Woman: The publicist.

Jason:  We have a publicist?

Awkward silence.

Female Earth Woman:  Hi, I’m Claire, your publicist. 

So this is all of Claire’s hard work:


I also like the adjectives used to describe me.  I’ve been described as “youthful” (pushing thirty anyone?) “much-awarded” (I’ve never won a comedy thing in my life) and “cardigan wearing Australian Josh Thomas” (I should be so lucky). 

Where there’s smoke…

Part of the design of the stage requires a smoke machine.  Much like this one:


I always thought they put some sort of fancy liquid in them to make the smoke.  But look what is powering this one:


I’ve started closing my mouth as I walk past it to get off stage. 

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