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Roadshow Diary Day 18…

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No Scrubs 

I found out over the weekend that I have a 1 week run at the Melbourne Fringe later this year with my show called “Why The Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya?” about giving blood.  I performed it in the Adelaide Fringe this year, and here was my poster:


A lot of people said it was a bit gross, so I decided I’d do another one this time around.  No worries, I’ll hire some scrubs from a costume shop and take a few photos. (Which had to be in last Friday).  I was in Karratha at the time, so I had to wait till Monday to organise it.  Well, Monday found me walking around Perth to find out that of the 4 costume shops in the CBD, I had moved, one was a women’s fashion boutique, one couldn’t be found and one sold a few wigs and gloves and that’s it.  So Tuesday, I did the smart thing and started ringing around.  You know what would have been smarter?  Doing it on Monday.  Because most costume shops are open Mondays and Fridays only.

So I put the desperate call out to anyone in Perth who knew where to get scrubs.  Enter Adelaide comedian/death-metal drummer/ex-political speech writer/raconteur  Jon Brooks.  Within about 10 mins of my Facebook status update, he has hooked me up to go to the Royal Perth Hospital to pick up some scrubs.  Amazing.

So I go and get some props:


(I paid the extra dollar to buy the one on the left so I wasn’t wearing all pink, but then I only ended up using the stethoscope, which is pinker than the one in the pink pack.)

Debated whether or not to “treat myself”:

Decided against it, went home, ironed scrubs, mixed up some fake blood, tied a ribbon or two and then DeAnne helped me take some photos.  Here are some that I like:


And that, mon amigos, is a productive couple of days in the Life of Chong. 

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