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MICF Roadshow Review – PerthNow / Sunday Times

Here’s a review from the WA leg of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow.  My bit is in bold.  

Roadshow a barrel of laughs

LAUGHS, laughs and more laughs. This year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow doesn’t disappoint.

Hosted by much-loved Australian comic Colin Lane (of Lano and Woodley fame), the 2009 Roadshow kicked-off at His Majesty’s Theatre last night in superb style.

The charismatic Lane got the crowd in the mood, drawing an unsuspecting audience member on stage for a healthy dose of public humiliation and interrogation.

Lane proved he’s just as funny solo as he was as alter ego Lano in Aussie comedy duo Lano and Woodley.

New York native DeAnne Smith was first cab off the rank. Waxing lyrical on everything from Aussie slang to birds and abortion, Smith looked nervous and lacked the energy and exuberance of Lane.

Ending with a self-composed rap, Smith left the stage to lukewarm applause.

Established funny-man Tommy Dean was up next. The Sydney-based American has a unique knack for taking the mickey out of Aussies without offending.

His jokes about the absurdity of cricket and AFL had the audience in the palm of his hand, while his laidback persona put the crowd at ease.

The lanky comedian left the stage with the audience wanting more.

Aussie-born Jason Chong spent his time on stage poking fun at himself and his Chinese heritage.

With a guitar slung over his shoulder, the irreverent Chong immediately won the crowd over with his unapologetic in-your-face comedy.

His reworked rendition of Kasey Chambers’ Am I Not Pretty Enough, entitled Am I Not Asian Enough, had the crowd in stitches.

The laughs kept flowing as Chong donned a Transformers toy helmet and pumped out a series of impersonations.

The Roadshow left the most outrageous ‘til last.

Canadian Glenn Wool packed a comedic punch. From start to finish Wool didn’t let up. His relentless jokes were fired at the audience with conviction and precision, leaving the crowd with tears in their eyes.

The 2009 Melbourne Comedy Roadshow runs until Saturday.

– Maria Noakes, 16th June 2009

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