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Adelaide Fringe 09!

Heya peeps,

The Adelaide Fringe is right on top of us!  You should come see me do the following things:

Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya?


 Jason Chong’s Why The Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya?

This is my solo show about donating blood. 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime, 1 in 30 give it. With things like the Victorian Bushfires, we all know about giving blood, but it’s needed all year round for all kinds of yucky stuff. So if you’ve never given blood but want to know what it’s like, or you used to give blood, but haven’t lately and want the motivation to start again, or you give blood now and you want to feel like you’re better than everyone else (any maybe bring your friends who don’t give blood along too), then come and I’ll give you an hour of hilarious reasons why.

Buy tickets now at

Rhino Room 13 Frome St, 10:15pm Feb 26 – Mar 21, Tix $19 / $14 conc

Sort of the Rings


Sort of the Rings

This is the show that sold out the entire season at the 2006 Adelaide Fringe. It’s the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (yes, all 13 hours) in 60 minutes. It’s for fans of the books and movies, general nerds and all round good people. It’s family-friendly, so it’s also perfect for bringing your kids or parents to. If you like stuff like Lano and Woodley, the 3 Canadians or Tripod, you’ll love this.

Tickets are selling really fast, so if you want them, you can book them here:

The Pod in the Garden of Unearthly Delights East Tce Parklands, 8:30pm Feb 20 – Mar 8, Tix $24 / $17 conc

 AdelComPod! Logo



Lastly, I do a podcast for the Adelaide Comedy Scene. A podcast is like a radio show, but you subscribe to it (it’s completely free) and each week a new episode is downloaded to your computer and you can listen to it there, or put it on your iPod and listen to it when you’re out and about. Each episode is 20-30 minutes and is filled with chat, interviews with comedians, and info on gigs, special offers and cheap tickets. It’s funny, entertaining and you can say you know the guy that does it.

You can subscribe by dragging this link into iTunes or your media player:

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