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Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya? review – The Groggy Squirrel

Following an illness in the family, Jason Chong made it his mission to donate blood regularly and encourage others to do the same. Why The Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya? is the next stage in his campaign, where he encouraged Adelaide audiences to do the same.

This was far from a brow beating exercise, Jason had constructed a show that, while heavy on facts, was thoroughly amusing and entertaining. He had the ability to find humour in the driest of topics and give everything a personal touch to keep it from being too clinical. The insertion of clearly falsified information amongst the facts ensured that the mood was kept light as well as keeping the audience on their toes.

Through use of PowerPoint, Jason presented the facts and myths about blood donation. Brief stories about his personal experiences and some left of centre observations were the basis of most of the jokes. His warm and friendly demeanour held the audience’s attention and the strength of the material kept them laughing.

If straight stand up wasn’t enough, Jason introduced a musical element to the show through some song parodies, changing the lyric focus to that of blood. Despite some concern on my part when I realised that he would perform the songs in their entirety, he had plenty of humourous ideas to fill the song and keep repetition to a minimum.

Don’t let the rather gruesome looking poster keep you from seeing this show. It was highly entertaining and informative show that everyone should see. Jason must be commended for bringing such a important topic to the public. It certainly gave the never-have and lapsed donors something to think about, and everyone else a warm inner glow.

– Colin Flaherty, 1st March 2009 

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