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Adelaide Fringe 09 is coming…

So the 2009 Adelaide Fringe is coming soon, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is not far behind.  I’m working on 2 shows for both these festivals.

 Why The Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya? is a show about giving blood.  It’s on at the Rhino Room.  Here’s the poster:


Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya Poster


 I’m also in Sort of the Rings which is more of a play thing.  It’s a show that I put on with a good mate, Mike Klimczak, in the 2006 Adelaide Fringe.  It sold out the entire season and was so much fun we decided to put it on again.  It’s a family show, so you can bring your kids and parents, especially if they’re nerds.


Sort of the Rings Poster
So that’s it for now.  Nothing you can do about it all yet, but something to whet the appetite and get excited about.  The festival season is coming…


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