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Big Day Out – 28th January 2010

Tomorrow is BDO time! BDO of course stands for Big Day Off, and is the biggest mobilisation of young Australians since Corey Worthington’s Myspace party. And you know that’s a long time ago, cos I used the word Myspace.

Of course there are bands and DJ’s, but amazingly, the most talked about feature of Adelaide Big Day Outs is missing. There’s no 40 degree day. It’s going to be 31. 31? If we wanted to go to a place with no chance of heatstroke, we’d go see Cats, at the Festival Theatre, in air conditioning, at night. I want to be able to go where I can put on a sombrero and not look out of place. I know that I could do that in Mexico, but I want somewhere that won’t give my swine flu. I want to be grateful when I pay $4 for a water when I could have paid $3 for a beer. I want to be able to write Lily on one arm and Allen on the other arm and then sit half in the shade and have to explain to people for the next fortnight why I have Allen suntanned on me.

And if you can’t provide me with that, Big Day Out, at least have the respect for tradition to provide deep heat, ski gear and a steam tent for the Adelaide Hardcore Massive. Not me though, I forgot to buy a ticket.

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