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Sort of the Rings 06 Reviews

Sort of the Rings – 2006 Adelaide Fringe

The Advertiser, Adelaide

“Cramming the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy into an hour show is a huge task. But when you’re as clever as Adelaide’s own Jason Chong and Mike Klimczak, an eye for slicing, dicing and inserting the absurdly hilarious makes this an easy feat. Utterly likeable, the duo speeds through the boring bits then presses the slow motion button on classic Lord of the Rings moments that deserve further comedic explanation.
With nods to The Matrix, Star Wars, Dude, Where’s My Car? and then some, the boys amazingly still manage to preserve most of the original Tolkien narrative.
Plus, if that isn’t incentive enough, proceeds from each stellar performance go to charity.” – Jessica Leo


The Sunday Mail, Adelaide

“On the barest budget, these lovable nerds condensed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy into a greatly entertaining hour filled with funny asides and “special” effects.
With a burger ring, a rag doll for Frodo and a wig as Sam they deconstructed the epic using odd puppets (Gollum, Gimli and Shelob being the funniest) and inspired audience participation.
All three battles had us in stitches as the dynamic duo held off, erm, balloons with gusto. You could see it twice and each time it would differ.” – Paul Nassari

“For someone that has never seen the Lord of the Rings movies and couldn’t really give a *bleep* about them, all I can say is SERIOUSLY brilliant! Funny, clever, witty, just plain silly and all for a good cause – just the way I like it. And for those of you who missed it, too bad, it’s your own fault, and you get no sympathy from me. Mike and Jas, congratulations on a huge success – with 4.5 you can now guarantee that they’ll be all upons…(and I don’t even know what that means) … ;)” – The Sha-Shee

“Hilarious! Saved the Fringe for me after a run of absolute rubbish shows. Better than Ross Noble (yes, I’m putting that out there). Hurt from laughing. GO SEE IT if only for the Gimli fight scenes and of course the Gimli dance!!! oh and i forgot to add, We love you Chong time!!!!!!!” – Dan (Captain Apathy)

“Loved the show! Was great to see 2 local comedians stepping outside the box and doing something interesting and exciting. definitely worth a look!” – Kylie

” When a friend suggested I come along only because he knew the guy doing it, I thought “What the h*ck its for charity” – I’m so glad I went to the opening night! This has been the BEST show I’ve seen at the fringe this year! It was absolutely hilarious …Especially the “Yellow Orcs” … oh ..and yeah – Jason *is* a hottie 🙂 ” – TyGer

“In all honesty…this show exceeded my humour expectation TEN FOLD! A laugh a minute …I thoroughly enjoyed it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! PS… Jason, you’re a hottie! ; ) xo” – PixieGirl

“Amateurs who know that comedy is supposed to be fun, and funny. These boys take a subject matter that is sacred to hard nosed Tolkien addicts and poke fun at both it and themselves. No lover of the movies or books could ever be offended by such a triumph of comedy. As an added bonus their profits go to charity – a winner all round.” – Cassandra

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