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Best of Adelaide 06 Reviews

Best of Adelaide – 2006 Adelaide Fringe

“This is the most I’ve laughed at a Fringe show yet. Great value too with three comedians for the price of entry.
The night I went it was Big Al, Scott John and Jason Chong who I have all seen at PJ’s. This night though they were all hilarious!!! They looked like they were having a ball, whether paying out the bogans in the back row or just telling funny jokes. I loved Big Al’s laugh it is so infectious. Scott John’s jokes are very smart and funny and Jason Chong’s song was good.” – Dee

“Saw the show Saturday night. There were three on, Big Al, Scott John and Jason Chong. They were all hilarious. I think they were having a good night, there was lots of fun with the audience, including giving the finger and flashing cleavage… all three of the guys were brilliant. The most I’ve laughed in any show yet this Fringe.” – Toni

“Don’t miss this one!” – Drew

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