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Minority Retort 08 Reviews

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Another great stand up show at the Portland Hotel. This guy was witty, funny and interacted really well with the audience. It was very light and easy to watch and i thought it was absolutely marvelous. Another top stand up show.” – Brian Williams



A very charismatic and charming comedian, at first you feel a little bad laughing at the stereotypes and jokes… but he IS the stereotype and joke… so it gets easier.
I have many asian friends so I could certainly relate to a lot of his jokes and will be sure to use them myself.
Definitely worth seeing. – Brendon and Jacinta



Jason Chong’s show is similar in tone and style to this year’s popular Trades Hall presentation of Fear of a Brown Planet, though perhaps a bit less hard hitting. His jokes based on Australia’s horribly racist immigration policies of the early 20th century were the highlight for me, along with the quiz on Asians in the public eye. I could have done without the bit from the Transformers movie but that’s just my age and gender showing, the majority young male audience loved the material. Jason’s charm is probably going to take him far so don’t miss out on seeing him before he starts filling large and impersonal venues. – Barb



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