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Being a comedian…

So here’s what it’s like being a comedian.

I featured at the HWY this week, and it was a lovely surprise to see my name in lights on the corner of Marion Rd and Anzac Hwy. It would have been seen by thousands of people a day, and I was pretty excited about it. Not only that, but my mum lives really close to their too, and that would have been nice for her to see. And it’s the road dad would take if he went into the city during the week, which should hopefully give me a bit of time before he starts on me to get a real job again.

Before the Gig

So before the gig, I had to go across the road to Coles to get some batteries for my guitar tuner. The checkout dude said “You work for Nova don’t you?”. I was feeling pretty chuffed that someone recognised me.

Perhaps I’ve finally made it…

So the gig went okay, and after the gig I caught a bus home.

After the Gig

Maybe I haven’t made it quite yet.

Actually, that’s a lie, I drove home in my car, but the photo op was irresistible. Think of it more as a metaphor.

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