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Roadshow Diary Day 11…

Currently in: Port Hedland

The Squeaky Wheel

So the venue manager here apparently googled all the performers before we got here, saw this blog (and the pic of the half packet of biscuits from day 1) and that’s why we got the huge platters of food last night.  He said he wanted to have the best rider of the tour.  A little bit of competition is a healthy thing.  Isn’t it, Esperance???  You gonna let Michael talk smack about you like that???  Huh???

And I also forgot to mention the flowers. Delightful, but were hard to chew.

Rear Window

So this morning I took a look out of the window in my room, something I’d forgotten to do the day before.  There was a bright blue sky, beautiful Australian scrubland, hills in the background, and… wait… what’s that?: 

My hotel room back’s onto a cemetery.

I hope they aren’t all the people who died in my room.

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