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Roadshow Diary Day 10…

Currently in: Port Hedland

So Port Hedland is a long way from home.  It’s town build around iron and salt (natural enemies, if I’m not mistaken) with beautiful seas full of turtles (yay), blue ringed octopuses (oh) and sharks (crap), I like to look around new places.  Here’s what I found:


In the window of the only cafe in town.  Just next to an ad for doctors and nurses theme night.  I’m sure in a mining town, there’ll be a few more doctors than nurses…


My favourite thing about our accommodation was waiting for me as I opened the door:

Ooh la la, that’s noice…

Backstage Rider

The Matt Dann Cultural Centre gave us our first ever backstage rider.  We were all impressed, except DeAnne, who’s aversion to gluten meant that she could only eat the olives. 

But she was impressed with the centerpiece of it all:

She stole it.

I think I might have enjoyed it a bit too much.  Colin asked me if the chocolate biscuits were nice in a tone that inferred I was an export.  Fair cop, they were delicious. 

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