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Nate & Chong's Internetshow!


Live Tuesday Nights 6 – 7pm

You might remember Nate from BB08 but my fondest memory of him our first day in Year 1 together when he ran away from school.

And after more than 20 years, we’re finally getting some work done.  We’re doing an internet show together – it’s not quite TV and it’s not quite radio but it is quite live.

We’re not quite sure exactly what it’ll be, but it’ll have interviews with musicians, comedians and other famous and interesting people, music, games, competitions, chit chat, reviews and heaps of other stuff.  And it’ll be the most interactive thing you’ve ever seen – you’ll be able to chat with us live in the chatroom, call up, skype us, even be in the audience, which means you’re in charge of what the show ends up being.

Our first show is Tuesday May 12th, and while I’m not too sure where you can see it, most likely it’ll be shown right after KG and the General, which you can find at 

So tune in from 6-7pm Tuesdays and count the things that go wrong! 

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