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Adelaide Fringe 2009 Ends…

Well that’s it for another year.  One month of shows preceded by 3 months of writing i a panic preceded by 2 months of paperwork preceded by 6 months of stressing about not having nailed down what to actually do a show about.
Which means that it’s now time to start thinking about what to do for next year.
Before we get too far down that path, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who supported me and my shows this year.

Why The Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya?

Huge thanks to Justin Hamilton who, while writing and rehearsing a play (Goodbye Ruby Tuesday at the Melb Comedy Fest – check it out) helped me a lot with the structure and narrative of the show, and made the show much smoother to watch and a joy to perform.
Lizzy, Annabelle & Kylie from the Red Cross for helping me get my facts straight.
Whit for tech stuff as well as reminding me of forgotten lyrics, which he ended up knowing better than me.
Egan, Mick, Kristen, Em, Bowley, Claire, Peta and everyone else at Rhino for their smiles, shoulders, support and cheap drinks/facts.

Sort of the Rings

Mikey.  But reluctantly.
Sha Shee and Andrew for doing grunt work all season.
Tabs, Lee and the Gardeners for making everything run so smooth.
The guy who made the crepes in the garden.
The hot chick at the yiros place who we basically stalked for 2 weeks.

And for both shows, everyone who came, all the Fringe staff and the most tolerant girlfriend ever, what’s-her-face.

And cos you gave me such a wicked Fringe, I’m giving you this one: 


And now we start writing next year’s show…

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