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Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya? review – Sunday Mail

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In short:  Bloody Interesting

Jason Chong would give blood for people to see his latest show.

Well, that’s what his show is all about and his real aim, as it turns out, is to get us to contribute too.  The cheeky Chong turns his show into a passionate plea for people to donate as it turns out his father’s life was saved by a blood transfusion.

Chong takes us around the world to see the image and work of the Red Cross in other countries, but it is our donation he really wants.  He slips in jokes and racial anomalies as he literally shows us what it’s like to help save other lives.

It’s funny, factual and you’ll want to open your veins to help afterwards.

– Matt Byrne, 8th March 2009

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