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Who Do You Think You Are? review – Sunday Mail

All together now


The players: Sean Choolburra, Simon Palomares, Jason Chong, Mujahid Ahmed

Standout: Jason Chong

In short: Old and New Australians.

Australia is a country full of migrants and this excellent comedy outing shows we are all in the same boat.

Super-suave Spaniard Simon Palomares MCs the tent show and relives his father’s “pedal to the metal” parenting skills.

African Mujahid Ahmed recounts what its like to arrive in Australia on a wing and a spear and have his mum tell him he’s the least funny child in the family.

Austral-Asian Jason Chong tells how he dodged racism until it faced him in the radio studio and how he discovered he wasn’t Asian enough for some casting agents.

And indigenous dancer-turned-standup Sean Choolburra relates what it’s like to be a stranger in your own country, yet finds lots to laugh about in white fella-dominated Oz.

– Matt Byrne, May 31st 2009 

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