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Jason Chong's Reel Life – The Advertiser Review

THERE is some seriously smart, high-tech comedy at play here.

Jason Chong melds stand-up routines with theatre and the latest in computer audio-visual projections to create a world where he gets sucked into the big screen.

In an alternate universe which is part video game, part laptop progam, part television and part karaoke machine, Chong tries to keep a balance between his devilish and angelic alter-egos, while also battling his own clones.

All of these characters interact in projected form with the comedian, who leaps seamlessly in and out of the action taking place onscreen.

The sight gags and sleight-of-hand are so good that you’ll find ourself doing double-takes. There are flat spots where the technology slows the pace and it could use a bigger, funnier finale, but bonus points to Chong for taking comedy in such a fresh direction.

Patrick McDonald, 15th February 2010

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