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Emotichong 08 Reviews

The Messenger, Adelaide

4 stars

YOU know you’re in for a good, fun show when the star of the show declares `’I’m a little bit g’day and a little bit ah-so.”

Jason Chong, one of the state’s best rising stand-up comedians, has no qualms about anyone taking the proverbial mickey out of him – be it about his on again, off again love life or when his girlfriend inquired about his health as he looked “a little yellow”.

Chong’s new material for the Fringe is a beauty – there’s a hilarious take off of Transformers and a funny version of song My Favourite Things. A laugh fest. – Gordon Armstrong

The Advertiser, Adelaide

3 stars

JASON Chong has conducted his own one-man Census, asking 100 of his closest friends, colleagues and people in the carpark to think of an emotion.
He’s then collated the answers, crunched the numbers and written the jokes, neatly segueing off into some highly entertaining anecdotes and tips for everyday living .

From why heading off to give blood is a great idea for a first date, to his top-dressed dogs of all time, Chong covers a range of topics in a laconic, easygoing style.

The Nova funnyman showcases a surprisingly good singing voice and mime technique. He was, however, almost upstaged by Autobot Optimus Prime.

There are some standout moments, although the PowerPoint presentation could do with paring back a bit. Be warned: some of these jokes tend to test the boundaries.



“Laughed a alot. It was a very clever premise, taking a survey and then creating a routine around the results. The night we went the optimus prime thing didn’t work…rats! But still, this is what the Fringe is about…encouraging creativity…full marks for that!” – KK

“I went expecting laughs….I got them and then some. Extra points for doing the “unchained melody” mime and the Transformers piece- hilarious!!!
Great comedy from a v.funny local boy.” – Rachael

“I saw Jason again after enjoying last year’s show, and had another good laugh this time. Get in early and grab a sofa. More than meets the eye!” – Coz

“I’ve seen Jason a few times & as always NOT disappointed…  Jason is a total crack up.  Go see him FUNNY!!!” – Skye

“A well spent hour, funny” – Franky

“Jason cleverly uses the results of his survey as lead-ins to some very funny standup pieces. See this show – you won’t be disappointed!” – Catman

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