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Blowhards – On The House Review (Melbourne Comedy Festival)

Here are some more reviews we received from punters from the On The House website:

Highly recommend!




We loved the boys. Warm, funny, talented. Very entertaining.




Really loved these guys. The combination of music with Jason’s engaging comedy style was a winner.




If you like music with your comedy this is awesome. It was entertaining and responsive to the audience.




Enjoyed the laid back syle of these guys and the audience participation. Music was very good. Loved the dog song!




Fantastic gig, great audience participation, would recommend you see these guys




Really fun! Loved the dogs in outfits!









I loved this gig! entertaining, light, great audience interaction/participation – go see them!





Thanks everyone for coming!

Blowhards – TREv Review (Adelaide Fringe)

More often than not at the Adelaide Fringe it’s the unknown shows you take a chance on that end up some of your favourites. This is what happened when I saw Jason Chong (Nova, The Project) and Chris Weber (Hilltop Hoods, The Transatlantics) in Blowhards. A comedian and a muso, together they charm audiences with their unique brand of musical comedy.

This show combined my three favourite things; parody songs, audience participation, and heart. And with an audience filled with what seemed to mostly be the artists’ family and friends, it had plenty of heart. Between their lively banter, Chong’s mother’s numerous interruptions and his constant references to his “Door-wife”, the show felt like a family function, but with better jokes and people who actually liked each other.

The duo played an impressive set list which covered a range of topics springing from his anecdotes, with a heart-felt ballad to his wife (and modern dating trends) and a Kasey Chambers cover lamenting the problems of being half-Asian, as some of my favourites. It’s not easy to pull off a comedy routine through music, but Chong and Weber made it look so effortless I could’ve listened to them for hours.

Throughout the performance they would interlude with a few opening bars of a Lionel Richie classic in various languages as part of “Hello Bingo”. With the top prize a set of tickets to see the Fringe show of another local act, it was great to see such a cross-promotional gesture for up-and-coming talent.

After taking a backseat for much of the performance, Chris Weber stood up and performed somewhat of a musical experiment worthy of Reggie Watts, which really demonstrated his skills (if expertly switching between trumpet and trombone all night wasn’t impressive enough).

The only downside to the performance would have to be venue. While the Elephant British Pub is an excellent location, it was a busy Friday night and there wasn’t a way to block out the rumble from patrons downstairs. This proved distracting in the beginning, but I was able to ignore it for the most part as the show got going.

In all, Blowhards is a simply excellent show. It’s funny and clever and arguably one of the best acts I’ve seen this Adelaide Fringe. If you’re looking for a good, enjoyable night out with easy bar access, definitely check them out.

– Simone Corletto, TREv

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Blowhards – RipItUp Review (Adelaide Fringe)

Adelaide comedian Jason Chong (Nova, The Project) has teamed up with musician Chris Weber (Hilltop Hoods, The Transatlantics) to create Blowhards, a show with music, comedy and bingo.

Chong is so natural on stage, often using self-deprecating humour to get the audience onside before hitting them with his sharp, improvised wit and cleverly written routine.

He plays guitar and sings to his audience about being Asian, his comedy pet hates, and sexting misfortune.

There’s also a bit of language bingo for fans of a little competitive gaming.

Weber is a talented brass musician who accompanies Chong on trumpet and trombone, complementing the comedy and adding his own comic interludes.

The pair work really well together; they bounce jokes off each other creating charismatic dialogue which moves the show along nicely.

Blowhards provides constant chuckles and some great belly laughs; the beauty of it being in the variation of the comic delivery.

Being a musical duo who write satirical songs has been done before, but using an accomplished brass musician who uses his instruments to provide comical sounds and amusing intervals is delightfully original.

Check out Blowhards for some musical enjoyment, lots of giggles and a spot of bingo.

Libby Parker, RipItUp

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