Comedian, writer & Filmmaker

The Bunker


Cartoon picture of Jason Chong

I’m Master Bunker-builder Jason Chong. I build bunker good. You need bunker?

IF the world were ending and there was a bunker nearby that only fit half the people in this room, would you make the cut? Do you have skills to offer, for when we rebuild society?

These are not questions you’ll need to answer IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BUNKER.

These Bunker information sessions contain scenarios and exercises to give you the information you’ll need to decide if you should commission your own Bunker, or take your chances getting into someone else’s.

Sessions will take approximately 60 minutes assuming nothing goes wrong outside while we’re chatting.

All tickets: Full $39 / Concession $35


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Fri Feb 196pmAyers House – Library288 North Tce, Adelaide
Sat Feb 206pmAyers House – Library288 North Tce, Adelaide
Wed Feb 246pmAyers House – Library288 North Tce, Adelaide
Thu Feb 256pmAyers House – Library288 North Tce, Adelaide
Fri Feb 266pmAyers House – Library288 North Tce, Adelaide
Sat Feb 276pmAyers House – Library288 North Tce, Adelaide
Tue Mar 27:30pmGlenelg Air Raid ShelterRugless Terrace, Glenelg East
Wed Mar 37:30pmBridgewater Mill – Basement386 Mount Barker Rd, Bridgewater
Thurs Mar 47:30pmDefence Shed Port Adelaide31 Nile St, Port Adelaide
Sat Mar 67:30pmProspect Air Raid ShelterWillcox Ave, Prospect

Additional Information

Audience members are encouraged to actively participate in the show, as led by the host.

As the show leans heavily on audience discussion, it is recommended that participants are comfortable speaking in a group setting, and have a conversational level of English.

The Bunker is an interactive experience, where participants’ input shapes how the narrative plays out.

As such, each show is a unique experience and triggering situations may be presented for exploration. If at any stage you feel uncomfortable beyond what could normally be expected for a piece of interactive theatre, please let the host know.

Due to the non-theatre spaces The Bunker may be performed in, not all venues will be easily accessible for wheelchair and other limited-access audience members. Please consult the ticketing and venue descriptions to see which performances will be right for you.