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Emotichong DVD

★★★★ “A laugh fest” – The Messenger

Join Jason Chong (Nova, 7pm Project, Adelaide Comedian of the Year 2009) as he counts down the 100 responses he got from asking people “think of an emotion” and ignoring the ones he couldn’t write jokes about.

The DVD contains not only the hour show, but is also packed with over an hour of extras, so it’ll keep you entertained for over 2 hours!  (But probably not more than 3)

$20 + $5 postage

Click here to purchase: [wp_cart:Emotichong DVD:price:25.00:end]



  • 01 Intro
    02 The Survey
    03 Greed
    04 Sympathy
    05 Horny
    06 Meekness
    07 Sadness
    08 Laziness
    09 Anger
    10 Ecstacy
    11 Happiness


  • The Surveyed
    Their Responses
    The Enemy
    Music Cue Trouble
    A Really Topical Song (from 2009)
    Cabbage vs Rose Debate
    Ten Secs Education
    Drunken Sailor
    Bad Spies
    The Bouncer
    Sort of the Rings in 10 mins
Produced by dribble enterprises
Audio by Studio Whitt
Filmed at Rhino Room, Adelaide
Language English
Screen Ratio 16:9
Region: All
Format: PAL
Feature: 66 mins

Click here to purchase: [wp_cart:Emotichong DVD:price:25.00:end]


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