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The Adelaide Comedy Great Debate

The first Adelaide Comedy Great Debate was held at Rhino Room on Friday 27th June 2008.

The topic: That it is better to plant a rose than it is to plant a cabbage.

I was the final speaker for the affirmative (which means I finished up for Team Rose).

It was a great night, and you can catch all the speeches from Scott John, Ross Voss, Rob Hunter, Mark Trenwith, Jarrod Fitch and myself at the Adelaide Comedy Youtube Channel.

Or you can just look at my bit here:

Part 1

Part 2

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Rove Online Comedy Spot

In 2007, Rove online and Snickers did a search for Australia’s Funniest Undiscovered Comedian. While it wasn’t me, here is part of my spot, recorded at the Rhino Room in Adelaide.
The eventual winner was a guy called Matt Okine.   He was awesome, keep an eye on him.

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Meteor Shower

Here is a claymation I did as part of a Media Resource Centre initiative called Raw Nerve in 2004.

Many thanks go to the MRC, Lisa Warner, Aaron Nassau, David Ngo, Quentin Eyers, Ali Ashdown, Hugh Freytag and Ian Lynton for their genrousity in terms of time, skills, equipment and patience.

Good fun, staying up for 36 hours straight…

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