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Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya? review – The Advertiser


JASON Chong draws on his Huey Lewis heritage to remind us that giving blood can save lives in the ultimate “power of blood”. 

But if you look beyond the obvious, you can see Chong play the crowd. How long does the jaundice/Asian joke last? Quick, move on before it’s too long.

That’s not a criticism, it’s a sign of a good stand-up who knows he needs to keep people amused, and that he does in spades.

He’s engaging, running people through the donation questions (and haven’t we all wondered about our own sex-trade history?) and awkward experiences (taking blood pressure has probably never been that much fun). While there may be a couple of questions raised over the show, Chong judges his audience well. Give blood, the show’s worth it

– Russell Emmerson, 2nd March 2009

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