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Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya? – Northcote Leader Article

There’s blood on the floor

by Suzanne Robson

Play that makes you think – and faint 


WHEN Adelaide stand-up comedian Jason Chong hits Northcote this week, he is expecting audiences to give a bit more than applause – he wants blood.

His Fringe Festival show WhytheBloodyHellAren’t Ya? is a comic rundown of blood donation featuring the skewed balladThe PowerofBlood, unusual personal anecdotes and the repercussions of making a mistake on the donation form.

‘‘The first thing they say on the form is please be honest because there are severe fines and/or imprisonment if you fill it out incorrectly,’’ he said.

‘‘One of the questions is: have you had Panadol in the last week? I think that if you get that wrong you don’t deserve to go to jail.’’

The comedian, 29, said he started regularly donating when he discovered his father needed blood transfusions for a colon disease and realised the Red Cross didn’t always get the amount it needed. So far the show, needling audiences with video and statistics to great success, has caused one audience member to faint and another to get a blood nose.

At the end of the performance Chong hopes to recruit donors who, if not tempted by the altruistic desire, may be lured by the treats given after donations including muffins, sandwiches, cheese and even milkshakes. Jason Chong’sWhy The BloodyHellAren’tYa? runs until October 11 from 7pm at the Northcote Town Hall – Studio 2. Tickets $19 / $14 concession. Book at and to donate blood call 131 495 or visit

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