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Why The Bloody Hell Aren't Ya? – Buzzcuts Review

It was an audience of ten, which made it along to the Northcote Town Hall for Jason Chong’s preview performance of “Why the Bloody Hell Aren’t Ya? An evening of “blood comedy”, the show held it’s own in an intimate setting and proved to be rather thought provoking.

The show is delivered as a comedic lecture, based around the issue of blood donation. Chong talks from personal experience and a wealth of research to both educate and convince the audience on the merits of donating blood.

Opening with a Huey Lewis take off, “The Power of Blood”, the show combines songs, video montages, a PowerPoint presentation, and many an anecdote to bring the comedy into a subject matter Chong clearly takes seriously.

Chong didn’t have me laughing out loud at every turn, but the show does find an effective balance between entertaining and thought provoking.

Chong has been a regular performer in the Australian comedy scene since 2001, and his experience shines through his natural rapport with the audience. He gets the crowd involved, and exudes an infectious, goofy charm.

In an art form where so often the subject matter is below the belt, Chong tackles a serious issue with a light touch, and for those not too squeamish, it will be a rewarding evening, which may even tempt you towards the needle.

Tessa Yee, 8th October 2009

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