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Jason Chong: Stay Puft – review (Melbourne Comedy Festival)

Before this show I’d never heard of Jason Chong, and I’m not sure why; the man is a very strong comic talent who should be a household name. This sharp, punchy show brought the hits and laughs with relative ease and comfort, the crowd involvement was well timed and well received, and the show as a whole fell right into place like circle into circle hole, square into square hole, but not as predictable.

As you enter the Hairy Little Sista (God I hope I never have to type or say that ever again) you bypass the busy and pumping restaurant and bar and slip into a stair way to heaven. Heaven filled with ghosts, or at least, Ghostbusters. Chong delivers a show of great importance to one of the forgotten cinematic canons of our time, Ghostbusters. The comedic masterpiece is dissected and trawled for clues as to which Ghostbuster Chong would be and is also tied into his futile efforts to lose weight and achieve the godlike body he was always meant to have.

The show features many technological aspects, which I am told is a trademark of Chongsters, and also a few amazing puns. I FUCKING LOVE PUNS! And his were great.

The delivery was clear and concise and he was very confident, he never stumbled over words but still had the flow of a conversation, with a fair bit of ad-libbing. The show was a tremendous success and I would recommend it to all. Well done Chongy. Well done.

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