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Update 10 May 2008

The Adelaide Fringe was really busy, but fun. Also, the Melbourne Comedy Festival was excellent fun.

But after about 100 gigs in 2 months I’m looking forward to reloading again, and doing it all again…

I’ve just recorded a DVD of my Adelaide Fringe show “Emotichong” so look out for it somewhere soon.

You may have also seen me recently on the Comedy Channel show “The Mansion”. Keep watching it, it’s a great show.

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So, you’ve been cruising the Information Super Highway with pretty good success, eh?
Now you’re buggered.
Welcome to Jason’s website. He’s a standup comic from Adelaide, South Australia.
So…….. Come here often? You smell great.
Take off your shoes, look around. Enjoy the new look, but for goodness sake, don’t break anything.
In fact, if you break something, you’re paying for it. This ain’t no charity. And put your shoes back on.
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