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The Late Night All-Star Comedy Band Thang

The Late Night All-Star Comedy Band Thang

The Diplophonics are back! Adelaide comedians provide the backing for guest artists to join us on stage to belt out your favourite songs (until they forget the words and need your help).

This is the first place to find out each night’s lineups!

Saturday nights in the Umbrella Revolution, The Garden Of Unearthly Delights from 12:30 till 2am. 

Lineup for Saturday March 12: Mark Trenwith, Alan Anderson, Andrew O’Neil, Koralline Chandler, Christophe Davidson, Danny McGinlay, Janet McLeod, Gordon Southern, Kate Burr, George Kapiniaris, Angus Hodge, Chris Knight, Marcel Lucont, Jenny Wynter

Click the pic for tickets! 

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