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Winter Olympics – 15th February 2010

I’m here in the Ice Arena at Thebarton training my icicles off cos I reckon there’s still time to make the winter olympics team.

Our chances of winning a medal are as good as ever, but unfortunately, that’s pretty much zero, and I reckon we’re going about it the wrong way. Instead of competing at sports that all the other countries have grown up with, we need to make up sports and get them into the Winter Olympics.

So the first event I’m suggesting involves 2 things we’ve all grown up with. Ice skating at the Ice Arena and Jump Rope For Heart.

That’s right, Ice skipping. I’m not sure of the rules or anything, but I do know one thing. It’s just past 7am in the morning, I’ve got my skates on, a skipping rope and I’m about as wobbly as your dad at Christmas.

How many jumps do you reckon I’ll get to before I go belly up? (Turned out that 4 was as good as I got)

I’ll be back a little later this morning with another event – this one involves me, speed and bowling pins.

You can see the photos and video of this one and my Toboggan Ten Pin Bowling Effort here: 

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