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Back in Radelaide

After a whirlwind 6 months, that included living in Melbourne, trips back to Adelaide to visit Kirsty, my fiance, emergency trips back to Adelaide to visit my dad, moving back to Adelaide, moving house twice, buying a queen sized bunk bed, a wedding (probably the highlight), a honeymoon to Singapore, Thailand and Japan (wait, maybe that was the highlight), Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival, it’s finally time to settle into Adelaide life once again.

I’ve moved back to Adelaide for a few reasons.  My dad is crook and so I want to be near him.  In fact, we got a place he could move into, which he’s done.  So we have a house with me and my new wife, my dad and the best man.  I must start writing that sitcom.

The other reason is that Kirsty and I lived apart last year (her in Adelaide and I in Melbourne) for work, but then we got married and didn’t want to do that anymore.  Why not Melbourne, where nurse work is plentiful and there are opportunities for comedians as far as the eye can see?  We had a wager that the person who had the best employment as we walked down the aisle would determine where we lived.

Adelaide won.

While I feel living in Melbourne was good for me comedy-wise, it’s time for me to be a good son and a good husband for a while, and then we’ll see what happens.

While I’m here, I’ll keep gigging, and steal the occasional trips away when I feel dad is stable enough.  But I’m also working behind the scenes a bit with Adelaide Comedy, and I’m about to start my own night called The Barrel.  More on that very, very soon.

And I’ve also started a video production company called 1Up Digital with Maz, who you may remember from Festival Fishbowl.  In fact, we just finished our first video for Howling Owl, which is part of Rhino Room, which I will excitedly show you now:

All in just 6 months.  Can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings!

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